UMBC Campus Friend

I gave my final presentation for my iPhone Development class tonight on my project called UMBC Campus Friend. It’s an app that tells you places you are near on a campus. From a developer’s perspective, it’s very cool in that all you have to do is provide an XML file with POI descriptions and another XML file with building coordinates to get the app to work, with zero programming experience necessary.

Hello, World

Every story has a beginning, and so it goes this blog. It’s only fitting to start with hello world, as all computer scientists have done dozens of times over the years when learning new languages. It’s a necessity, a tradition — you have to. So today, this afternoon, less than a week until I’ll be walking across a stage laid out on a Catonsville basketball court waiting for a piece of paper and a severe butchering of my last name in exchange for $40,000, I bring you my new beginning, earlier than even I expected.