Disable Twitterrific 4’s Blue Menubar Icon

Since Twitter doesn’t seem to appreciate third-party developers anymore, I’ve decided to switch from the official Twitter app to The Iconfactory’s Twitterrific.  I really like it, but I absolutely can’t stand how the menubar icon turns from black to blue with every new tweet.  I constantly see it change out of the corner of my eye and subconsciously move the mouse to click the icon.  I’m not a fan of this incessant interruption.  Here’s a hack to disable it.

Quit Twitterrific, then paste these commands into Terminal (making a backup of the app first, especially if you purchased it via the Mac App Store):

cd /Applications/Twitterrific.app/Contents/Resources
# Backup menubar icons
for i in `ls | grep status_o`; do cp $i $i.bak; done
# Overwrite blue icons
for i in `ls | grep -e "^status_on.*tif$"`; do yes | cp `echo $i | sed 's/on/off/'` $i; done

If you also want to disable the activity animation:

cd /Applications/Twitterrific.app/Contents/Resources
# Disable activity animation
for i in `ls | grep -e "^status.*working.*tif$"`; do yes | cp status_on.tif $i; done

If you followed the first step, you can revert:

cd /Applications/Twitterrific.app/Contents/Resources
# Revert all changes
for i in `ls | grep bak`; do yes | mv $i `basename $i .bak`; done

You’ll have to repeat these steps after every update.

Iconfactory, if you’re reading, please add this feature!  I love the official client’s ability to only turn blue on @mentions and DMs.  Your app does many things so much better, and this feature is the only thing I’ll miss.

And Twitter, shame on you.

One thought on “Disable Twitterrific 4’s Blue Menubar Icon

  1. Thanks Greg. I totally agree with you the Twitterrific was missing this feature. Great work!

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