Every story has a beginning, and so it goes this blog. It’s only fitting to start with hello world, as all computer scientists have done dozens of times over the years when learning new languages. It’s a necessity, a tradition — you have to. So today, this afternoon, less than a week until I’ll be walking across a stage laid out on a Catonsville basketball court waiting for a piece of paper and a severe butchering of my last name in exchange for $40,000, I bring you my new beginning, earlier than even I expected.

Here you have it, in C, as Kernighan and Ritchie debuted some 31 years ago. Lines of code that have dictated the past four years of my life, and will likely lay the ground work to my future. Syntax that has been written millions of times over the years, by those experienced and those beginning.

Join me, if you will. It’s something that unites us all.

#include <stdio.h>

int main()
	printf("hello, world\n");
	return 0;