Apple Watch Complication Truncation

Tappd That ships an Apple Watch complication showing how many distinct beers you’ve consumed, along with a ring indicating how close you are to receiving your next distinct beer badge from Untappd. I recently ran into an appearance bug showing these values with the ring where they would be truncated with an ellipse. Originally, I […]


A lot of people have been sending me e-mail about the solution to a problem that was not very well documented to DAS Calc. ┬áSending the same stock reply to these people helps them out, but that’s only for the people who have spent the time to send a support request. ┬áThe rest are probably […]

Using iAds While Maintaining Backwards Compatibility

iAds are going to be all over apps in the AppStore in just a few short weeks as developers try to make some money from the average iPhone user. The only problem is that you won’t make any money unless the user is running iOS 4.0. Versions of the iOS prior to this don’t have […]


UPDATE: Well, glad I spent the time preparing this…Apple decided to post it on their site… Happy iPad release day! Now that the iPad NDA has been been lifted, there are a lot of topics I’d like to write about. iPhone OS 3.2 brings about several new features including a new UIViewController called UISplitViewController. This […]